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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Split Genetic Algorithm for the Container Stowage ProblemLeenawong, Chartchai ; Chiraratwaro, Worrasit 
2011Standards compliance testing for unified modelling language toolsPanuchart Bunyakiati ; Finkelstein, A. 
2013Statistical Inference Analysis on the iPadUtayanwatigul, Napaporn 
2013Statistical Significance Testบุญหญิง สมร่าง 
2013Status in a canonical macro model: Labour supply, growth and inequalityTsoukis, C. ; Tournemaine, F. 
2010Status, fertility, growth and the great transitionTournemaine, F. ; Tsoukis, C. 
2019The Stock market and firm investment in VietnamPhan, Quynh Trang 
2011Storage Quality of Tamarind / Roselle Chili PasteRuangchai, Supang ; สิรินาถ ตัณฑเกษม 
2007Strategic Elements Affecting Electronic Business Adoption Among Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Thailand: A Case Study of Auto Part Manufacturing, Electric, and Electronic IndustriesSaenbudda, Chattawan 
2010Strategic planning for newspaper delivery problem using vehicle routing algorithm with time window (VRPTW)Boonkleaw, A. ; Suthikarnnarunai, N. ; Srinon, R. 
2010Strategic positioning of manufacturing operations within global supply chainsChandraprakaikul, Watcharavee ; Baines, T. ; Lim, R.Y. 
2008Strategies and Use of Humourous Language in the Series Breaks of the Variety Game Show "Ching Roy Ching Laan"Eiamutama, Thanit 
1998Strategies for Developing Personnel of the Office of Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare in Response to the Crisis of Shortages in Information Technology PersonnelChotchaisathit, Ruxsak 
2011Strategy Development for Optimizing Logistics Service in the Petroleum Business Group of Bangkok Freight Forwarder Co., Ltd.Chuenil, Supakit 
2007Strategy Formulation for Enhancing Competitiveness in the Furniture Industry: A Case Study of Flexi-Plan Design CompanyKhaosa-ard, Prabhabhorn 
2011Strategy Formulation for Improving the Quality of Life and Work Efficiency of Employees in the Purchasing Department of Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited and Companies in the Exxon Mobil GroupAimthanom, Anon 
2012Structural bioinformatics and molecular dynamics simulations studies of cathepsins as a potential target for drug discoveryสุรพงษ์ พินิจกลาง ; รัชนี ไสยประจง ; Dussadee, T. ; Ratanakhanokchai, Khanok 
2013Structural Equation Model of FactorsAffecting Thai Tourist Loyalty towardsMarine National Parks in Southern ThailandJankingthong, Wiwat 
2011Structure characterization and molecular docking studies of αamylase family13 glycosyl hydrolases from Lactobacillus plantarum complexed with maltoheptaose: A novel feature of αamylase catalytic mechanismBomrungnok, W. ; Khunajakr, N. ; Wongwichan, A. ; Dussadee, T. ; รัชนี ไสยประจง ; สุรพงษ์ พินิจกลาง 
2013Student Opinion toward a Model for Ethical Morality Development and Social Responsibility for Thai Higher Education StudentsKumpiranon, Anun