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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A Comparative Survey of Performance Measurement Techniques for Service ProvidersSakburanapech, Araya ; Greenough, Richard ; Chandraprakaikul, Watcharavee 
2007Development and Evaluation of a Resource-based Supply Chain Positioning Methodology for SMEsLim, Roland ; Chandraprakaikul, Watcharavee ; Baines, Tim 
2007Development of a Performance Measurement Framework for Adaptive Supply ChainLim, Roland (Yan Guan) ; Xu, Laura ; Ma, Bib ; Chandraprakaikul, Watcharavee 
2012Evaluation of logistics companies using data envelopment analysisChandraprakaikul, Watcharavee ; Suebpongsakorn, A. 
2013Performance Evaluation of Logistics Companies Using Data Envelopment AnalysisChandraprakaikul, Watcharavee 
2007Success Factors in a Forming Strategic Positioning of Manufacturing Operations Within Global Supply ChainsChandraprakaikul, Watcharavee ; Baines, Tim ; Lim, Roland (Yan Guan) ; Sakburanapech, Araya